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We are soon getting a Elite Team-Runescape Guest Clan Chat. Further Info Will Be on this message.
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Free 2147m divines

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Free 2147m divines

Post by I X on Sat Jun 25, 2011 4:10 pm

ET died, Legacy died.
Join my rsps:

Download Client to Play!
Download Client to Play!
Download Client to Play!

Server features:

    Hand Cannon
    Full morrigan javelins and throwing axes
    Full Skill cape emotes!
    Real turmoil!
    New 602 animation and gfx's
    Correct spirit shield bonuses and EFFECTS!
    Clue Scrolls!!
    Full Slayer Point System
    60+ People on at all times
    Crystal Key chest have the chance to get 3rd age and rares
    New OverLoads Pots
    Full working chaotic weapons
    Full Godwars
    Working LootShare
    Full functioning Clan Chat
    Working obelisk teleporters
    All inboune rings ex berserker ring(i)
    Full weapon specials and emotes
    Full autocasting
    Constant Updates
    Arcane Stream necklaces
    All Spirit Shields
    [Full weapon specials and emotes
    Pvp armours
    Full Pvp weapons specials correct emotes
    There is training but you can start off by doing ::pure !
    Full Pvp weapons specials correct emotes
    Perfect Hybriding
    Open Staff Slots
    Running on dedicated NO Lag 24/7
    Full Skilling for the Non pkers
    Fight pits
    Full dueling with staking
    Full pest control

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