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ET 4 Life @!@!

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ET 4 Life @!@!

Post by P I N K on Fri Jul 08, 2011 4:45 am

Ok guys im gonna make this short and to the point i wonna try and get ET back up and running, by this i mean i want to start recruiting, Hosting Events, Waring fellow clans again. Due to the fact that Raw got banned witch im shore you are all aware of i can not edit the rooster or anything like that but with maples permission i would copy the whole topic and start getting ET up and running again with active members! However, i cannot do this all by myself so i would be very appreciative if you could all jump in and recruit, Host mini rushes and so forth. So that WE can Run Legacy multizones again!

Many many thanks

P I N K l Harry

(Raw/Maple if you disagree or give me permission to carry on with this then infrom me and i will delete the topic or try and get et up and running again Razz)
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