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Cmsmonky's Elite Team Application

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Cmsmonky's Elite Team Application

Post by cmsmonky on Thu Jun 02, 2011 10:49 am

Age: 13 Years old

specialty: Melee but I have been training with some friends to learn how to Hybrid ( will take any offered help from other members though)

why do you want to join this clan: I think that joining ET will really help me with my pking skills and also put good use to all the spare time I have while playing by fighting with the clan

When are you Normaly Online: 3PM - 5AM clan time

what time zone do you live in:(Also, calculate the difference between Your time and Current Clan Time.) (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Future clan Suggestions/expectations?: i'm not exactly sure what your asking but I hope the clan lives up to its name and none of that bsing and stuff like the randoms

How will you contribute to ET?: I can contribute by adding another active player to the group and I can entertain people because I like to joke around and have fun ( but I know when to be serious and listen)

Willl you ALLWAYS Log onto Clan Chat when ingame? ( YOU MUST GET ON AFTER UR APP FOR TRYOUTS REQUEST): Yes

By saying "I Agree" I promise to have thoroughly read everything posted on fourms. I will commit to at least 1 Major event per week . I will always check annoucment updates. I will Adbide to my felow officers, and I will always show up on call ASAP for team meetings if adjourned:___I Agree_________

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